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Wildlife Conservation Partners

I am delighted to partner with African Parks


African Parks is a non-profit organization dedicated to reversing the trend of habitat loss and restoring biodiversity across the continent. They do high impact work with a philosophy and approach which I believe in wholeheartedly


African Parks is unique. They take on complete responsibility for the rehabilitation and long-term management of national parks, working closely with governments and local communities, with an approach leveraging public / private partnerships. They are the fundraisers, the strategists, and the boots on the ground. There is no organization quite like them, and I can say with confidence based on my own interactions, that any contributions will go a long way under their stewardship.


I am excited to play a part in contributing to this work, and collectors who pick up one of my prints will be receiving content and updates from African Parks highlighting the efforts you are directly supporting

Thank you for helping to protect our living planet

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